Javascript Treegrid Control

title: Javascript TreeGrid control date: 2010-06-20 14:39:24

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JavaScript TreeGrid control aimed to organize and edit information in grid, tree, or treegrid modes.-Link.

10 things every good web developer should know – Link.

Web Design and development process chart – Link.

Web Design criticism – a how to – guidelines for constructive web design criticism from Smashing Mag – Link.

How to hire a great graphic designer – Business Insider War Room – Link.

jbgallery is a UI widget webpage written in javascript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single big image, multiple images, multiple galleries, slideshows, as a site’s background, in a “dialog” mode or as a common pop-up. – Link.

30 web based applications useful for web designers – Link.

A web designer needs a good method for delivering designs. Instead of using email attachments, PPTs and PDFs here is a fresh new way – Link.

jQuery news ticker – liScroll – liScroll is a jQuery plugin that transforms any given unordered list into a scrolling News Ticker Link.

Be a CSS Team Player: CSS Best Practices for Team-Based Development

By Emily P. Lewis. “How many times have you picked up a project that someone else started, only to discover that the creator’s original code is a mess?

Or you work with several team members, each of whom has their own way writing code? Or you revisit a project you created years ago, and you don’t remember what you were thinking?…”

Forrst: Microblogging for web designers and developers – share pieces of code, design ideas, prototypes and engage in feedback with the web design community – Link.

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