Weekend Reading - 12/Jun/2010

As the editor of @GameLinchpin I love to hear from you and share the brilliant things I find from other game development linchpins I discover.

I’ve recently updated the site book shelf with books I recently discovered from an amazing computer graphic artist Simeon used to work with, Antony Ward.

His work appears has appeared in many games over the years and always looks amazing. His books are in the Authors I Know section and well worth a read if you’re into discovering how to start and improve your high-end character art. I’m not an artist myself but I think that Antony’s work clearly shows that he really knows what he’s doing and produces some amazing art.

You can view more of Antony’s computer graphic work via his online blog & portfolio http://www.ant-online.co.uk/

Or contact him via twitter @ant_ward or his tips section @3dtwips

I also look forward to learning from you too via comments, feedback and having your articles appear here.

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