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We all know that after writing a great post and hitting the publish ?button we’re not even halfway finished!

There can be a seemingly endless marketing job to do by submitting a ?blog article to various social bookmarking sites like Digg, ?StumbleUpon and Delicious. We can also choose to submit to social ?networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

But after we’ve done this there is no way of knowing that our efforts ?have paid off! The article will sometimes sit on the bookmarking site with just ?one vote and therefore unseen by the majority of the ?site’s visitors.

Here’s where the Game Development Social Media Partnership Google Group comes in…

Promote your fantastic posts!

After you have written your blog post you can post the link and ask people to vote, bump, ?thumbs up, or generally big up your post. Maybe you can provide the ? just click away very quickly to promote your ?article. I’ll write an example post to the group to show you what I mean by this.

Using the universal “I’ll scratch your back…” rule, people will be ?compelled to vote for your articles if you’ve voted for theirs. You ?may like to send them a private mail through the group to let them know.

Joining the group is easy with your Google ID and posting on the group is as easy as writing an email. You are, of course, completely at liberty to vote for the articles you ?consider good enough. Remember, this isn’t confined to designers or developers, any blogger who wishes to promote their latest masterpieces can join the group.

Happy blogging, happy voting and I hope you enjoy being a member of ?this group! Thanks to Rob Cubbon for this idea.

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