4 of the Best Spam Filters for WordPress

When a blog receives lots of comments, it is a sign that the blog is a popular one among visitors. On the flip side, a blog with spam comments looks unprofessional. You can either spend your days deleting all of the spam that your WordPress blog is sure to receive, or you can leave the majority of the work up to spam filters. There are a lot of options out there for WordPress spam filters, but the following are some of the most popular that you may want to try.


Automatic Kismet (Akismet for short) is very well liked by all who need spam blocked from their blogs. You can get it as a WordPress plugin or you can go straight to Akismet.com to download this spam filter. Keep it updated and you will enjoy a spam-free blog space. As Akismet gets to know your site, it will be able to spot spam with even more efficiency.


This spam filter vows to slow the “flood” of spam by stopping them before they even get sent. In their own words, “Bad Behavior also transcends other link spam solutions by working in a completely different, unique way. Instead of merely looking at the content of potential spam, Bad Behavior analyzes the delivery method as well as the software the spammer is using. In this way, Bad Behavior can stop spam attacks even when nobody has ever seen the particular spam before.”


Defensio not only acts as a spam filter, it also blocks malicious content and filters profanity and unwanted URLs. This is clearly a one-stop shop for creating a cleaner blog environment. Powered byWebsensesThreatSeekerNetwork, Defensio is supported by most platforms including WordPress.


This is a simple spam filter for WordPress, but the best part is that you can decide on some of the details. For instance, if you think that you might write about poster printing in your blog and you will say poster printing 10 times but no more than, you can set the spam filter to pick up a comment that says poster printing 11 or more times. Or you can allow your regular visitor to always be able to comment, even if they use poster printing 11 or more times.

Spam filters will save you a considerable amount of time and effort when keeping your blog clean. Try out each of the above WordPress filters to see which one works best for you, and then sit back and let your filter do all of the hard work with blocking spam.

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