5 Ways to Remote Test Your Website for Usability

The usability of your website can be measured to an extent. There are programs that will test the usability or you can use people to test it. Remote testing allows you to find trouble spots on your website so that you can fix them. Let’s say that you have a website the specializes in brochures. You need to know if your users understand how to order brochure printing on your website. Otherwise, you could be loosing valuable customers with a difficult to use website. Here are few ways to remote test your website.

1. Have someone you know test out your website while you screen share

This can be a very good way to test your website usability. Find a friend or coworker who is honest and helpful. Have them visit your website while you are screen sharing and on the phone with them. As they look over your website, ask them general questions that will help you to see the usability of the site. Ask about their impressions while you watch them click on

2. Use an electronic test that will give you an idea of your usability

This type of unattended research will automatically read your website and tell you where individuals will generally look and how you website measures up. You can find many online tools that will measure your usability in one way or another.

3. Usertesting.com

Usertesting.com will give you results in less than an hour. For $29 per user, you will get a 20 minute video of that user making their way around your website. They will also give you a written report along with the video.

4. Use forums to answer your questions about usability

By asking other impartial users to test out your website, you will get a good idea of its usability. Hackernews is a good place to get advice on creating a new website. You can also ask about testing your website there.

5. Silverback for Mac and Morae for Windows

Here are two programs that use gorilla testing techniques to help you better understand your customers and how they use your website. They record facial expressions along with clicks and other actions. Other techniques they use are surveys and focus groups.

With one or more of these remote testing tools, you can make sure that your business website is as effective and successful as it can be.


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