Top Link Cloaking Plugins for WordPress

If you have a blog with affiliated link hijacking. It does not matter if you are writing about poster printing or computer programing, this is problem that every blogger will face. In order to prevent someone else from taking the money for your affiliated your site. There are many plugins available for WordPress, but here are some of the best.

Pretty Link

If you want to mask your affiliated come from your own domain, tack clicks from emails, and spread forums and comments on blogs, then Pretty Link is the best option for you. You can also upgrade to Pretty Link Pro so that you can have the capability to automate your Pretty Link creation.

WP Marketer

WP Marketer is a free plugin for WordPress that will manage your affiliated to manage your inventory, set up ads in posts and landing pages, or track your results. With WP Marketer, you will have more control than ever before.

Link Hopper

Link Hopper is very useful for managing your affiliated make changes in one location and Link Hopper will then also make this change throughout your site for you.


“Slightly Advanced Computer Stuff (and some magic),” according to W-Shadow. This link cloaking plugin for WordPress will cloak your outgoing when.

Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate

Ninja Affiliate contains common WordPress affiliate plugin features: link autolinking, customer styling for

Eclipse Cloaker

In order to avoid loosing your commissions, choose Eclipse Cloaker to cloak your the link cloaking and track link stats so that you know where you are making the most money. It is compatible with all browsers and provides free upgrades.

Instant WordPress Link

This plugin specializes in “in-text” advertising. With Instant WordPress Link, you can count clicks, style custom conversion, shorten URLs, and much more. Created by the well-known plugin developer, Tricks and Tips HQ, Instant WordPress Link is one that you can rely on for quality.

No matter what your topic, your blog should be free of worry. Keep your blog safe from hijackers by cloaking other features that come along with link cloaking plugins.


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