Improve Google Adwords advertising campaigns

Managing an effective Pay Per Click advertising campaign on Google Adwords takes experience and skill to do right as there are many factors that come into play in order to really maximise your budget and effectiveness.

At the time of writing every new Adwords account gets a £30 voucher to use within 15 days of the account opening so it’s worth grabbing that free cash and using it will.

Before you go ahead, setting up a single campaign, with 1 advert pointing at your homepage driven by lots of keywords is a sure-fire way to wasting your advertising budget but with a little effort you can make it work for you.

It’s important to understand how your advert will be chosen to be displayed based on the adverts content, the bid (usually automatically set) and the page on your website that the advert points to, all of these components need to work together for the best effect.

Adwords Quality

A core concept is a number between 1-10 that you will see displayed as keyword ‘quality’ within your campaign, the higher the number is the better the ‘quality’ of your advert is. The actual mechanics of how this is calculated is a closely guarded secret by Google but it’s definitely based on the relationship between the keyword, the advert copy and the content of the web page your linking to.

Here are some examples to try and give you some ideas.

Good - quality is likely to be 8

- keyword: ‘ecommerce website’ - advert: ‘Get great ecommerce websites that deliver more customers’

  • link to page: (note the keywords are in the linked address)
  • page content: a page on your website focusing on the keywords ‘ecommerce website’
    • page title: Amazing eCommerce websites
    • page description: Amazing ecommerce websites for businesses of all sizes.
    • page keywords: ecommerce website, website ecommerce, ecommerce website

Bad - quality is likely to be 1

- keyword: ‘ecommerce website’ - advert: ‘All jobs taken, no job too small. Call us now’.

  • link to page:
  • page content: the home page that contains lots of images and contact details without the key phrase ‘ecommerce website’

The previous 2 examples of pay-per-click adverts clearly show the difference between an effective collection of components and ones that don’t work together at all.

Now, here’s how advert quality plays how in the advertising campaign.

You can essentially think of ‘Quality’ as a percentage of how efficient your pay-per-click bid is for any particular keyword, lets look at an example. To make this a little simpler we’ll imagine fixed bid of £1 for the adverts above and the formula.

Bid Value = Quality x Your Bid

Advert Bid Value your bid ————————– ———– ———- Ad A (Good - Quality 8 ) £0.80 8 * £1 Ad B (Bad - Quality 1) £0.10 1 * £1

In these examples, Ad A is generating £0.80 of bid value compared to Ad B generating £0.10 of bid value for every £1 allocated. If these 2 webpages were competing for the same keywords then Ad A is very likely to be seen in prime locations where Ad B is never going to be seen because £0.10 simply isn’t enough to out bid their advertising competitors to be seen for those keywords.

Sadly, it’s all too common to see businesses spending money on online advertising without realising how ineffective their pay-per-click adverts are and those businesses are wasting money on bad internet marketing and this isn’t something you can afford to do.

Putting together an effective Google Adwords campaign

Adwords advert quality is a critical component of an effective Google Adwords PPC online advertising campaign but it must work in concert with the page your visitors will land on, aka: landing page. If you’re looking to start an Adwords pay-per-click campaign or maximise your internet marketing budget then you need to get a few things right if you’re to make best use of your budget.

  • Create landing pages for your campaigns on your website
  • Choose relevant keywords
  • Write advert copy that matches your keywords and landing page
  • Check your keyword quality to make sure not wasting cash
  • Split your campaign up into multiple keyword:ad:landing page segments
  • Avoid negative keywords that don’t bring you visitors such as ‘jobs’, ‘career’
  • Target specific ad placements such as competitors, forums, special groups, to focus on your audience. NOTE: this is about where your ad is place rather than what keywords you use

You can take this further by adding in some data capturing through Analytics

  • Optimise your landing pages to convert your visitors into customers
  • Automatically track conversions and adjust your campaign to be increasingly efficient

These are some of the elements we carefully setup and manage for any campaigns we undertake along with a number of other techniques only available to our clients.

Effective Adwords Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Generating highly visible effect pay-per-click advertising campaigns shouldn’t cost the earth and you careful management can really make a difference to get your campaign noticed in the right places and bring potential customers to your online business.

Our pay-per-click campaigns are well-managed, efficient and make best use of your  budget. Can you afford to waste your precious internet marketing budget? Contact Us to find out how we can help you.

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