Live Customer Support, chat and monitoring of your website visitors

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Live Customer Support and Realtime Information about your website visitors is absolutely critical to improving your business online.

Add Live Chat/Support to your website TODAY for ~~£100~~ **only £50**!    [Contact Us](/contact) to get started straight away.

UPDATE: Our clients with a small number of visitors are using this tool to chat to all of their customers while they’re in a buying mood.

Understand who’s on your site, make your customers love you, and earn more money.

  • Want to know who’s on your website RIGHT NOW?
  • Want to catch your customers before they abandon their basket?

Chat to your customers live while they’re on your website and help them find what they’re looking for with a great online support tool like Olark.

Integration is easy

We recently integrated this into our own website and were so impressed with the results that we began to encourage our existing clients to take this up.

We simply added the code snippet to our webpage and then connected it to our desktop client - Pidgin for Windows or Adium for Mac.

Once installed, your website visitors appear as chat clients right inside your desktop chat client along with basic information about that particular user. live customer support On the website, they see that you’re ‘live’ and they can choose to chat with you if they need help and you can also choose to start chatting to them.

Realtime Chat

IMMEDIATE benefits

Since installing it, we’ve been able to catch multiple customers before they walked away and we’ve genuinely got business we wouldn’t have had, all because of the live customer support that Olark offers.

Our major eCommerce client installed it too and quickly caught orders and helped their customers while they were still shopping, those customers would have walked away without live customer support. Live Customer Chat paid for itself very quickly.

Olark is our recommended choice of real-time customer chat because it can be extended to capture more business information you can use to really drill down into those opportunities that may go away without live customer support.

[![](/assets/125x125-live-chat-blue.png)]( "Olark live chat")

So far, we’ve enhanced this with:

  • known user names - find out who’s registered and who hasn’t
  • current basket value - focus on the customers who have a large amount of value in their basket
  • page priority - catch users who are on your Contact or Checkout pages

Comprehensive Features {style=”clear:both;”}

The realtime chat and customer support software is great whether you’re on your own or if you have a team of support people.

The software also generates lots of useful information about your online chats and visitors, as well as pushing more data out to Google Analytics so you can really drill down into the detail.

Want Real-Time Chat on your website?

We can help you setup your website and desktop client to enable you to catch real-time visitors on your website and improve your chance of converting those visitors into customers. Contact us to find out how I can honestly say that we are genuinely impressed with Olark Live Customer Support and so our customers, especially as it brought them real orders within hours of being installed.

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