Job Interview Assessment Form Template

Back in the days of old, we used standard templates for a lot of company documents to ease & standardise communication throughout the business. Here’s an example of a job interview form that was used to summarise an interview and share it around the various departments who needed to know various aspects. This document was often referred to through the initial probation period.

Name of Candidate

Jose Smith

Date of Interview

Thu 8^th^ May 2028


Stuart Programmer, Richie Programmer

Role Interviewed for:

AI Programmer

Results of Tests [poor, average, good]

(please show your rating score if undertaken)

C Test

Math Test

Java Test


Skills/Knowledge [poor, average, good]

Pretty good; plenty of experience with a variety of games and platforms.

Communication skills [poor, average, good]

English wasn’t excellent, but he got his point across very well nonetheless.  He was quite verbose and not at all shy about talking, which is a good sign.

In your opinion will the candidate fit in with the team i.e. team dynamics?

I can’t see why not.

In your opinion can the company satisfy the candidates career aspirations?

He appeared to want to work in an English speaking country, which we can certainly satisfy.

Overall impression of candidate [attitude etc]



He came across as someone willing to turn his hand at everything, but at the same time concious of his limitations.  He has crafted AI systems from scratch and likes to stick out projects to the end.

Current Salary, plus bonus payments etc

Was on approx £50K in Singapore

Salary Expectation:

£35-40K, with relocation expenses

Candidates preference for Studio:

Sheffield, he has Spanish friends nearby

Period of Notice with current employer:


Availability to start:

Immediate (pending relocation)

Will the candidates journey to work be long/difficult?


Will the candidate require relocation assistance?

Yes, this was asked about specifically.

Overall summary of the interview:




If I’m honest, the interview was hastily held (due to Jose turning up unannounced) so there wasn’t the time to prepare appropriate technical questions for him.  As such, we can only make an assessment based on what he had to say about his roles elsewhere.

Given how much he has moved around over the past few years, I’d be concerned how long he might stick around, especially if he’s dumped straight onto a deathmarch project.

He will need relocation expenses paid.

Suitability to be offered employment:

(a) Applicant not suited to the role.  I would not recommend for employment (Give reasons)

(b) Applicant on hold until further interviews have been undertaken for this position

(c) The applicant is a strong candidate however not suitable for this position.  Should be considered for other roles if available, alternatively candidates details to be kept on file for the future (Please give indication of role applicant would be suited to)

(d) The applicant should be invited for a 2nd interview

(e) The applicant will do well in this role and I would like to recommend employment - provide brief outline of proposal (salary, grade, start date).

 Please complete the Request to Make an Offer form(Intranet/HR/Forms) and send for approval (cc to HR)

Jose would add value to the team and the studio, bringing much knowledge about building AI systems from the ground up.  I have a few reservations about whether he’s an ideal candidate, but we have to take a few risks to ensure we build up a solid team for the future.

I suggest we bring him in somewhere in the middle of his desired salary range, offer to pay relocation expenses, subject to him repaying them pro-rata if he leaves within 12 months, and have him on a 6 month probation period.  He’d probably come in as a grade 8 or 9.  To start early June.

Additional comments from Interviewer on suitability of candidate to be interviewed


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