What I was responsible for as Studio Head

I’m having a bit of a dig about in some old documents and I found my old job specification for when I was Studio Head for Kuju Sheffield.

Studio Head Job Summary

The Studio Head has ultimate responsibility for building and maintaining a profitable business based on creating quality products in a timely manner delivered to the market through long term business partners and developed by a balanced high caliber motivated team.

Studio Head (SH)  Responsibilities


  1. Manage the studio as a profitable business unit.
  2. Develop the studio’s Strategy working with the CEO for approval by the board.
  3. Develop the studio’s Brand strategy working with the CEO for approval by the board.
  4. Develop the studio’s BP working with the FD & CEO for approval by the board.
  5. Execute against the BP including responsibility for the studio’s financial performance.
  6. Agree accounts with F&A in advance of monthly studio board meeting.
  7. Complete the studio report for monthly studio board meeting.
  8. Attend and execute actions from the monthly board meeting.
  9. Liaise with the other SHs, Department Managers and Executives on all matters with a cross studio (including Digital Hobbies) element including sales opportunities, corporate intelligence, customer feedback, staff feedback, recruitment.


  1. Execute the timely, profitable, high quality delivery of all the studio’s projects.
  2. Manage the staff within the studio including team/project allocation, take direct responsibility for key team member selection. Ensure authority and responsibility is properly delegated and is transparent within the studio.
  3. Ensure appropriate development processes are in place for studio and are used effectively by development teams.
  4. Develop project budgets for approval by the CEO & FD.
  5. Develop project plans & designs with the team for approval by the CEO.
  6. Execute on production within these budgets & plans.
  7. Ensure that a clear creative and commercial vision for each project is maintained and is well understood by the team, especially the key team members and stars.
  8. Manage the level of creative ownership by the studio compared to the publisher.
  9. Take line management responsibility for lead team members, including staff development, time and attendance management, discipline and reward as required.
  10. Provide customer marketing and PR assets in a timely, high quality fashion.
  11. Evangelise the products within their publisher and to the consumer. Maintain interaction with any title’s player community.

Business Development

  1. Develop and maintain all commercial relationships for the studio.
  2. Specifically develop customer relationships to maximise product success and be responsible for sequel and follow-on business with existing customers.
  3. Ensure that the studio is professional, open and honest in all its relationships.
  4. Ensure that all new business is within the studio’s Strategy and complements the Brand strategy.
  5. Ensure that the studio has sufficient workflow.
  6. Prepare pitches, concepts and prototypes as agreed with CEO.
  7. Prepare quotes and other bid materials as agreed with CEO.
  8. Negotiate contracts including directing legal support.
  9. Negotiate deals for final approval by the CEO.
  10. Provide marketing & PR assets in a timely, high quality fashion, to the BDM following the processes laid out by the BDD.
  11. Provide timely assets to support the up to date maintenance of the company’s website to the BDM.
  12. Initiate and develop sales opportunities, work with the BDM & CEO on qualifying, prioritising and closing opportunities.
  13. Provide the BDM with timely accurate sales updates.
  14. Support the BDM to open new relationships and opportunities.
  15. Support group and other studio’s business development activities.
  16. Maintain awareness of the external perception of the studio’s brand.
  17. Execute on the brand strategy.
  18. Agree the BD budget for the studio with BDM and FD.
  19. Execute on BD tasks within the agreed budget.

HR & Recruitment

  1. Develop the staff within the studio including motivation, training, salary review, performance, morale and structure.
  2. Manage recruitment of new staff within the studio.
  3. Identify and nurture star staff.
  4. Identify under performing staff and manage remedial action.
  5. Ensure studio the staff understand the Strategy & Brand and objectives for the studio.
  6. Develop an effective studio culture.
  7. Agree studio staff sourcing plan with the CEO & HRM (covering full time, contract, outsourcing ratio, graduate recruitment and inter-studio cross charging).
  8. Execute on the staff sourcing plan.
  9. Operate within the processes laid out by the HR Department.
  10. Agree the HR Recruitment budget for the studio with HRM and CEO.
  11. Execute on HR Recruitment tasks within the agreed budget.

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Finance & Administration

  1. Provide timely accurate accounting information to F&A.
  2. Provide timely accurate staff allocation/timekeeping information to F&A.
  3. Agree accruals, deferrals and WIP monthly with FD.
  4. Manage the office and all facilities of the studio.
  5. Manage the administrative systems at the studio level (PRQs, sickness/holiday, etc).
  6. Operate within the processes laid out by the F&A Department.
  7. Agree the administration budget for the studio with FD.
  8. Execute on administration tasks within the agreed budget.


  1. Operate within the processes laid out by the IT Department.
  2. Ensure the studio’s staff operates within IT policies/practices.
  3. Agree the IT budget for the studio (not the projects) with ITM & FD.
  4. Execute on IT tasks within the agreed budget.


  1. Source tools, technology and supporting systems as agreed with Research.
  2. Present the games to Research (QA) at regular intervals in development.
  3. Present the plans/code/assets to Research at regular intervals in development.


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