Performance and Development Review Template

Performance and Development reviews are an important aspect of everyone’s career where ever you happen to work. We needed to provide standardised reports that were kept in a staff members file. Here’s an example:

Performance and Development Review {align="center"} ---------------------------------- Name of person being reviewed: **Dave T. Producer** Reviewed by: Dave Manager & Sarah Manager Date: **11^th^ January 2028** ### Review Notes: *Discuss areas that were of note in the review. *Focus on relevant details related to their work* * *How has the staff member performed since the last review?* *Any changes in roles & responsibilities?* *Discuss at length the current roles & responsibilities including areas that have & haven't met expectations of both the person being reviewed and what is expected from the role.* *Discuss any boundaries inherent in the role such as managers & sub-ordinates* *Discuss interactions with other members of the business & stakeholders* *How is communication amongst peers, sub-ordinates, managers and all stakeholders?* *Discuss any feedback given from others.* *Discuss performance relative to grade.* ### **Development and Training** *Identify training that has already taken place and any that has been identified as being required. Include gaining experience over time and soft-skills such as communication & visibility, technical skills such as operating software, best practicse in roles & responsibilities.* *Training opportunities may arise within the business.* *Self-training such as reading, researching and discovering opportunities to improve. *   ### **SMART Objectives for the next period:** - **Specific** - Be precise about what you are going to achieve - **Measurable -** Quantify you objectives - **Achievable** - Are you attempting too much? - **Realistic** - Do you have the resource to make the objective happen (men, money, machines, materials, minutes)? - **Timed** - State when you will achieve the objective (within a month? By February 2010? **Have these objectives been met? (to be filled in at end of period)** ### Notes from review: *Provide a summary of everything that has been discussed & written previously including what next actions are required.* Signed:  _(Staff Member)                                            (Reviewer)  
  1. Reviewer to forward performance review form to the HR Department**
  2. The HR Department to forward copy of performance review form, together with a Feedback Sheet to member of staff for approval
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