5 of my favourite Game Development Twitter Feeds list

Here at @GameFreelancing, we use Twitter to connect with the game freelancing community and really get to grips with what's going off from all aspects and distil it down into items our readers will find useful. We select the cream of gaming, developers, business and freelancing tweets and send them straight to you. [Follow us to keep up](http://twitter.com/gamefreelancing).
We've listed here the ones we've found the most interesting this week and definitely worth following. Don't forget to mention @GameFreelancing !
**1. @milkstone** - A great Spanish Independent Game Development studio that's launched it's new iPhone title this week and also produces some great tweets about being an independent developer. One to watch. [Follow @milkstone](http://twitter.com/milkstone) <http://www.milkstonestudios.com/>
**2. @ericries** - Eric is the originator of the phrase "Minimum Viable Product" and he also talks about starting a business in a 'lean' way, which always makes for an interesting read and something I'll be covering more about here on @GameFreelancing . [Follow @ericries](http://twitter.com/ericries) <http://www.startuplessonslearned.com/>
**3. @ThisIsSethsBlog** - the blog of popular author Seth Godin has his finger on the pulse of promotion and connecting with your audience thats appropriate in many ways, such as how to talk to your game audience, how expectations change, how marketing has changed. It's often a thought provoking and inspiring read. [Follow @ThisIsSethsBlog](http://twitter.com/ThisIsSethsBlog) <http://sethgodin.typepad.com/>
**4. @Michael_French** - Michael is on the bleeding edge of video game industry news as his position as the Editor-in-Chief of Video game industry news web-sites [Develop](http://www.develop-online.net/), [MCV](http://www.mcvuk.com/) and [CasualGaming.biz](http://www.casualgaming.biz/) means he often gives clues as to some breaking news well before it hits the press.

Follow @Michael_French

**5. @allvideogames** - Lester writes about gaming from an interesting perspective and often uncovers things that go missing from the more popular news feeds. As such, it's worth a follow. [@allvideogames](http://twitter.com/Michael_French)
I hope you find these useful and remember to connect with @GameFreelancing and [subscribe to keep in touch](http://blog.gamefreelancing.com/p/subscribe-to-game-freelancing.html).
Which twitter feeds do you think I should follow?
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