Weakest Link - Be A Better Game Developer


Has your business hit a glass ceiling?

Most businesses are formed by a core set of individuals who come together at the beginning to make their collective dream come true but are they limiting your potential?

Business roles arise and distil over time placing more specialised demands on your skills.  Operations Manager, Creative Director, Technical Director, Art Director, Finance Director, Development Director, Managing Director, Business Development, Human Resources, IT, Marketing etc. all grow in significance as your business grows.

In the early days one person will perform multiple roles at once, the roles are typically allocated based on relative merit, e.g., the more creative person takes on the creative roles such as creative director, the more logical person becomes the business manager. 

What happens later is that the business demands more than one person’s potential enables them to deliver and the business hits a glass ceiling. Your business can only be as strong as that of the weakest link in the chain.

The hard part is recognising that this is happening and doing something about it. Maybe there's a shift in roles to something more appropriate, maybe it's time to step aside and bring in someone who can really push things along, maybe you're happy where you are?
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