Week ending - 11th October

There are a few things I discovered this week worth noting:

Docker empty volumes

Earlier in the week I moved all projects stored on my laptop into a new directory to get them out of my User directory to adhere to our internal project storage policy.

Docker started behaving oddly, mounted volumes & paths were now empty on the host. The folder existed on the image but none of the files mapped from my laptop were there anymore.

It took a long while to figure out that the issue was specific to the paths themselves. What I had completely forgotten was that Docker on Windows/Mac can only see below your home directory. Therefore mapping ‘~/projectX/www’ worked fine but /projects/projectX/www didn’t.

I tried to symlink the folder beneath the ~ directory but that didn’t work as Docker resolved the path back to its original home.

As I write, the projects are now back under my home directory and Docker is now back working again!

Starting React

After enjoying building iOS apps recently with React Native I thought I’d take the plunge and migrate our new internal project from Laravel /PHP over to React & NodeJS. It feels like a great match for the project objectives too.

Profile refresh

I took a little time out to refresh this site and also my LinkedIn profile to update them a little to reflect changes. My LinkedIn profile was heavily focused on my career in video games that ended in 2010 so it was long due a re-vamp.


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