Brief History

Hi, my name is Simeon and I’m currently a Technical Director at Approved Food Ltd.

I’ve been a professional software developer since 1986 and I’ve included my most recent history below.


You can find me online at the following locations:


I believe my career is extensive so I have only included recent history. Full details can be found on my LinkedIn page.

Approved Food Ltd. (Jan 2011 - Present)

I initially joined Approved Food to make some changes to their aging website. Within a few weeks I was also significantly refactoring and adding features to their internal business management software My Ticket as well, working alongside the business owner. I also adopted management of all their hardware including remote & on-site servers, network infrastructure and client systems.

All software is focused on building scalable intellectual property and is entirely custom written. The focus is on robust, highly optimised software that gets maximum value out of every use.

My role means that I am responsible for internal & external software & hardware on which the whole business depends for it’s future.

I also regularly get involved in Marketing and occasionally dabble in artwork for the online platform using Photoshop.

Career Summary (1986 - Present)

I have been a professional software developer since 1986 with an extensive career in all roles from programmer, through lead & management roles, running a software studio in Sheffield with 40+ employees to becoming Executive Producer for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, responsible for multi-million pound projects across Europe.

In addition to development my experience includes Project Management (Formal & Agile), People Management (Motivation, Leadership, H.R.,), Marketing, Business Development, Finance Management (Full accounts) and much more.

Key Achievements

Note: I have only included recent achievements at Approved Food. I’m writing this in 2015 and my memory fades before 2013.


Online Platform

  • Online platform consistently in Top 5 of IRUK 500: Web Performance Tracker for PageSpeed. My Post
  • Setup Zopim Chat & integrated into online platform.
  • Created Restful API for external connectivity and integration into internal systems; built on Slim.
  • Continual improvement of the online store platform for mobile devices.
  • Heavily optimised online store platform to cope with business gaining TV exposure. Site coped with 15,000 simultaneous visitors over a sustained period and gave the users a good shopping experience.
  • Improved website by moving many server-built pages into AJAX content to improve responsiveness for users and reduce server load.
  • Moved core online platform artwork to SVG format
  • Add global support for donating to Food Banks
  • Added Challenge 21 support to enable legally selling alcohol
  • Integrated Mandrill mail platform for vastly improved marketing throughput for 200,000+ customised emails.
  • Utilise Fastly as Content Delivery Network for static content such as CSS, Javascript & Images.
  • Launched Naturally Free as third store using online platform.
  • Online store platform configuration management using Puppet
  • Migrated online store platform to new hardware platform on private cloud including discreet servers roles for Web, Database, Search, Caching. Moved from Apache to Nginx & PHP-FPM. Hosted by UK Fast

Internal Platform

  • Internal Marketing reports to target customers.
  • Globally implement support Priority Ship where work jumps queue.
  • Improve visibility on warehouse location use to assist Stock team in managing stock in warehouse.
  • Heatmaps of location demand
  • Automated stock Health check exposing potential issues before they happen.
  • Build internal business intelligence platform to enhance marketing opportunities through customer behavior analysis, capturing data from multiple inputs.


  • Internal development of Mobile Phone App using Ionic platform.
  • Recruited 2 new developers into team
  • Brief Pitch To Rich data scraper for internal analysis


Online Platform

  • Change systems from using single categories for products into tag based system to vastly improve user experience.
  • Launched Great British Sweets as second store using online platform.
  • Implemented Priority Shipping, a zero-cost business opportunity.
  • Integrated Google Analytics Event Tracking & Google Adwords Remarketing into online store platform.
  • Test platform using Selenium
  • Add global support for multiple currencies, GBP & Euro.
  • Use Revive Ad Server for onsite advertising that enables Marketing to place onsite promotions.
  • Briefly used integrated Interspire Email marketing as email platform for Marketing, later reverted to internal marketing.
  • Scaled all internal & external software to work with multiple online stores and business partitions. (Approx. 80% of work)
  • Implemented Mandrill mail platform for transactional emails. Bulk marketing still sent straight from our servers using Postfix.
  • Integrated VE Interactive marketing tools.
  • Migrated online store to new hardware platform on multiple physical servers. Hosted by UK Fast
  • Build & publish optimised online platform using Grunt build process to ensure consistency. Web content is heavily optimised for performance.

Internal Platform

  • Real-time Dashboard showing core business metrics to enable Warehouse Team to optimise & balance throughput on a minute-by-minute basis through a myriad of settings.
  • Internal staff analytics platform including micro-analysis of staff performance.
  • Internal Staff Holiday system for absence-management including Bradford Factor
  • Implement Pick Queue based on availability of parts of order.
  • Pick3 works on wide array of mobile devices & desktops
  • New internal web-based Pick platform built on Laravel & Bootstrap
  • Created new web-based internal software platform Pick3 & process when business expanded into new premises calling for a complete refactoring of business processes. Work is split into Zones with work being further split into roles of Replenishment, Pick, Consolidation, Packing & Shipping. Picker works on up to 8 orders simultaneously. (Approx. 70% of implementation, 10% of Stock related work)


  • Developed internal coding standards & common development platform using tools such as Vagrant & Grunt.
  • Load balanced fail-over network using fiber & 4G dongles.
  • QoS firewall
  • Upgraded internal wifi from D-Link systems to Unifi
  • Setup Zendesk Customer Service portal with IP base phones. Online phones helped with business moving premises later in year.


Online Platform

  • Use Wordpress as CMS for website enabling non-developers to adjust content in a familiar context
  • Use Postcoder external service for address resolution & verification
  • Paypal Web Payments Pro
  • Create & cache dynamic images based on required size & quality from original high quality source. Images created on demand influenced by timthumb.
  • Integrated Google Shopping Feed
  • Integrated Paid On Results cash affiliate scheme
  • Heavy online platform optimisation using micro-caching of content using Memcached.
  • Designed & implemented My Bargains as a starting page for customers to expose more specific products to customers.
  • Moved CSS to SASS to improvement development work flow.
  • Implement NewRelic as server analytics platform that uniquely exposed metrics that enabled ongoing performance improvements.
  • Web search using Elasticsearch
  • Integrated DPD & Citylink tracking systems into online platform, import data from DPD servers, store and present to users.
  • Designed & implemented internal bulk mail sending platform including feedback loop using SMTP via Postfix, IMAP.
  • Implemented Google Experiments for Marketing
  • Implemented ClickTale tracking

Internal Platform

  • Design & implement Pick2 as pick moves to PHP based systems built on Laravel & Bootstrap.
  • Created internal publishing system including version control for published software.


  • Mikrotik firewall & routers
  • Mikrotik Fail-over network using 2 ADSL lines
  • Migrated version control to Git & Github


Online Platform

  • Created responsive framework for online store platform

Internal Platform

  • Create & implement concept of Do Not Pick items to improve pick work flow & throughput
  • Designed & created Assisted Fill for just-in-time stock replenishment to optimise staff effort.


  • Proposed & moved business software to Google Apps for Work including all email & documents.
  • Migrate internal physical servers onto VMWare ESXi platform
  • Migrate core internal services from Windows to Unix Centos systems


Online Platform

  • Designed & implemented affiliate scheme for increased marketing
  • Moved platform from single server in Texas to hosting by UK Fast

Internal Platform

  • Implement web-based picking system using ASPX & Visual Basic


  • Implemented code work flow using version control (Perforce)
  • Migrated internal database from Microsoft Access to MySQL

Tools, Languages and Tech

I take pride in keeping my learning fresh with new languages, methods & processes. I typically adopt & learn what I need to get the job done.

I have experience using the following:



Dev Tools

External Services

Other Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Wordpress
  • Google Apps
  • Office Suite



  • Design Patterns
  • Refactoring


At the risk of repeating myself, I love software development.

  • I am very passionate about building great software with good business value.
  • I have a strong work ethic and I will do whatever it takes to deliver great results.