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“Go To” person for all things technical

Web development

In addition to a long career making games with roles including Studio Management, Production, Programming, Business Development and other roles.

• Popular and highly respected Games industry Development Executive with 20 + Years experience • Key Positions Held – Executive Producer (SCEE), Studio Head, Development Director, Technical Director • Multi-platform (PS3, X360, PSP, XLA, PSN, Playstation Move) internal and external production experience delivering and improving profitability of key franchises including most recently Heavy Rain and Buzz • Fully rounded skillset covering Scrum & Agile Project Management, Budgeting, Programming, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Team Management and Strategic Planning • As Studio Head simultaneously managed development of 3 different next-gen titles for PS3 and X360

Video Game Programming

Specialties: Game Troubleshooter - I can solve problems other people haven’t predicted or can’t solve, see things other people haven’t seen and connect people who need to be connected.

Part of my role is to find trouble lurking, expose it and provide solutions.

Consultancy: Project Management & Game Production, Project re-vitalizing, Game Direction, Organizational restructuring, Vertical slice, Game Concept Development, Technological infrastructure, Outsourcing, Excel artist.