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Thought - How do you prefer to communicate?

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There are many ways to communicate with people, what’s your preference?I have to admit that I find telephone conversations the hardest, theyfall between the disconnection of something like email or status updatesand the ‘proper’ face-to-face meetings we have with people every day.Telephone conversations also tend to be one-to-one too, conference callsare a nightmare. There’s no visual clues on when it’s anyone’s time totalk or how people are reacting.We all know It’s entirely possible to hide behind emails, you can spendhours crafting every word, editing and re-editing until your happy.Meeting up with people is always fun, the spontaneity and interactionobviously surpasses everything else.I’d rather write a long, carefully crafted email or make a long distancejourney to meet up than make a call.Everyone’s different, do you have a preference?