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eCommerce Site -

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Today saw the first public showing of the eCommerce site refresh, which we’re amazingly proud of.This is an ongoing extensive web development project and encompassesreplacing the existing eCommerce site, refreshing the design,revitalising the customer experience, improving security, fixing bugsand much more. This is much more than a simple reskin and it will helpthe thousands of daily visitors find their way around the products mucheasier and Approved Food get more control, data and a rapid turn-aroundon changes and support.One of the things we did is to incorporate greatly enhanced trackingvia Google Analytics using Custom Vars, Custom Reports, Goals/Funnelsand eCommerce tracking so Approved Food can find out, down to theproduct and user, what’s working and improve areas that need attention.The site uses not only uses up-to-date visual elements to improve theexperience but it also gracefully scales back to the rogue and will continue to improve over the coming weeks alongwith the associated Mobile and Social Media streams like Twitter andFacebook as these now come under Ring Alpha’s remit to manage.

New Hosting service for mid-size eCommerce site

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Ring Alpha recently provide a server migration service for one ofour ongoing clients, a mid-size eCommerce store with thousands oftransactions going through every day. The requirement was to improve theperformance and technical specification of their site ahead of RingAlpha providing them with a new eCommerce solution.Lets find out what we did…After a number of discussions with our client, it was obvious therapidly growing eCommerce business had grown out of their existinghosting company and were in need of a technical upgrade that could copewith their increasing number of customers.What’s needed?Our first task was to evaluate what they would need out of a newserver and new hosting company to enable their business to scaleover the coming months.Discover the technical needsThe evaluation task itself involved detailed analysis of how theirexisting server was currently performing at a low level to highlightareas that needed improving. We checked out the server loads on variousareas and made our checklist.The new technical spec was a massive leap forwards and criticallyincluded 4 times the amount of memory and new hard-drive configurationthat improved the disk performance of 4 times too.Hosting PartnersThe next job was to make a shortlist of hosting providers that metall of the requirements, one of which was that it should be UK based andideally local to the business.RecommendationsWe contacted our regular list of hosting partners, negotiated improvedspecifications and lower monthly costs before making ourrecommendation of 2 of them, which were a good match for this particularjob.SummaryOur work has delivered an improved technical specification that meetsthe needs of the business, all at a reduced price.Our experience in working at a low level with server and networkhardware, understanding the demands of the base level software likeApache and MySQL, the higher level loads of the eCommerce softwarematched with the needs of the business and their customers all rolled upinto Ring Alpha being able to find a new server and hosting partnerspecific for this job.