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Can I Help You?

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I am frequently contacted by video game developers asking me for help ina couple of areas, some just want some feedback, some are asking me forfinancial investment to make their game a reality.Maybe your one of these people, or maybe you’d like some critique ofyour work?I’m currently looking for 1 other developer to mentor and devote somereal attention to, should this be you?I’m happy to say that in many cases I provide assistance and make adifference with their games and help re-direct them towards a moreprosperous future by providing them with not only advice on the gamesthemselves but also how to make them, what potential opportunities theyhave for revenue streams and even help them find a publisher. Basically,help out on which ever aspect of their game they need. The only bit Idon’t do is actually make it.In some cases my initial round of feedback can be hard to take as it’salways honest and open and what experience tells me you need to do tomake better games. It comes particularly hard when people start todefend their position, which is partly to be expected and communicationis always good. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know the magic formula orI’d be making my own games but I do have a good insight into how to makethe most of what’s there.I liken some of my experiences to X-Factor / Dragons Den type offeedback where the singer/businessman is obviously presenting somethingreally bad but they just cannot see that it’s ultimately just not theright thing to be doing. They won’t listen and are adamant that theirthing is actually really good because their friends/family have toldthem so.Thankfully, most of my experiences have been entirely positive andpeople do listen to feedback and we work together on making a bettergame.I’d like to point out that I also get a good set of games that are trulygreat and demand some attention and are obviously destined for greatthings. It’s these that I particularly like getting engaged with as therelationship is typically rewarding for both parties.And sometimes, things are succesful despite everything telling you thecontrary. Critique?So, if you want to join the others and get honest, open feedback on yourgame, be it a design or work-in-progress, then simply contact me andI’ll see what I can do. Please don’t ask me to invest, because I’dinvest in my own games if I had the money. :D