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My Favourite iOS Music Apps

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I’ve spent a little while this week whiling away the hours with a coupleof music related apps for iPhone / iPad I’d recommend you check-out.Perfect for a Sunday morning.BIT.TRIP BEATI sawa video of BIT.TRIP being played over on YouTube and it looked exactlylike my kind of game. It look fun and furious with a great graphic styleall of its own. I had to have it! BIT.TRIP BEAT is the arcade game for the new millennium, fusing Pongwith interactive beats. Use the accelerometer or touch controls tomove the paddle up and down bouncing beats back from which they came!Listen and react to different beat progressions as you try to survivean onslaught of spectacular retro visuals. Successfully chain beatsand obtain the megasphere to go for insane scores, not to mention theelusive “Perfect Score.” Team-up with your friends for the intenseMultiplayer Gameplay Mode! Bounce to the beat with BIT.TRIP BEAT!BIT.TRIP foriPadBIT.TRIP foriPhoneModizerModizer is a great way to check out those old game tracks like ChrisHuelsbeck’s Turrican 2 Intro, and Rob Hubbard’s Lightforce and Zoidsplayed on SID and MOD, not only does it sound amazing but it includes anice visualiser too.It has built in access to HVSC and other libraries of music making it abreeze to find your favourite tunes and be amazed at what can beachieved in a tiny bit of memory.Get your self some old skool tunes! Modizer is a multiformat modules & chiptunes player which allows youto listen to computers and consoles music (C64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST,Amiga, PC, GB, NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis/Megadrive, PcEngine, PSX,…). Minimum requirement is iPhone 3G/iPod 2G, iOS 3.0 or more. Modizer is also optimized for iPad & iPhone 4. Based on multiple high quality playback engines and using either theFTP server, the builtin WEB browser or the integrated Modland & HVSCdatabases you can discover or listen again to the best music from thevideogames (8/16bits era) and demoscene history. Discover some real gems from famous people like Chris Huelsbeck,Jochen Hippel, Purple Motion, Lizardking, Audiomonster or Rob Hubbard,… Modizer foriPhone Modizer foriPad **

Epic Citadel - lean, mean development

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Therecent outing on iPhone of the amazing looking Unreal Engine 3 demoentitled EpicCitadel(available free) by Epic really shows the underlying capability of thehardware that current mobile devices have. In short, it’s like nothingyou’ve seen on any iOS device so far. But is it all good for gamedevelopers?I’m reminded when I see such apparent wonders of technology thatactually, this is what most developers can achieve if they’re preparedto go as low down in the API as they can, right down the HAL ifpossible. The closer you get, the more layers of noisy slow API you getpast and the more precious CPU & GPU time you get to spend on yourcontent.I’m also reminded of the fat, lazy techniques that it’s easy to get awaywith when you’ve got a lot of CPU & GPU power to play with on mostnon-portable systems such as PS3 / X360 / PC / Mac.Why bother to optimise your artwork, level design, code when you canjust let the video card do all of the work for you? This is a badattitude.Sloppy implementation really hurts handheld devices and the best teamsknow how to be lean with their systems and really squeeze every ounceout of the available hardware. This is generally good practice anyway.As an example for iPhone; If you can, go straight pastCOCOS2D / Unity /Prime to EAGL and Open GLES. From here low-level code, smart techniques, clever level design and diligent artists will all combine to get you a great, fast experience. I appreciate it’s tougher to do but the benefits are worth the effort.If you’re not careful, the danger then is adding in fat such asscripting languages such as LUA or UE3Kismet (Unreal’s embedded scripting language) that cost you performance to interpret at run-time.You should also consider the type of game you make. I’ve personally workon a few UE3 titles and from personal experience, and  many game devswill tell you, UE3 is great at making Gears of War type games. Thefurther you get away from doing short-view FPS games, the more and moreof UE3 you have to re-write to make it work. Just ask the team on APBwho tried to make an open-world MMO using it.Try and think about this when you’re setting out with your systemarchitecture and you’re choosing your low-level systems that you’regoing to build everything on top of. Make sure it’s right, make sureit’s going to stand the test of time and get the game *you* want tomake.Check out what can be achieved in just 4,096bytes if you try.

Comment - Full Analysis of iPhone Economics - it is bad news. And then it gets worse

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I recently re-tweeted this article and I commented on the post butwanted to bring the discussion here to see what you think.Full Analysis of iPhone Economics - it is bad news. And then it gets worsehttp://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2010/06/full-analysis-of-iphone-economics-its-bad-news-and-then-it-gets-worse.htmlThe piece openswith I promised toreturn with the full analysis of the iPhone App Store economicsanalysis, from every angle, with all data I have managed to find. Thisblog intends to paint the most accurate picture of the specificallyApple related iPhone App Store market economics - and lessons fromhere should apply to most other smart phone app stores as well. Theone final piece of the puzzle that had been missing, that wedesperately needed to ge the full, honest picture, was the Appleofficial revenue number, which we finally got a few days ago, at$1.43B total revenues generated over 2 years, and thus $1B paid todeveloper. Now we can do the full analysis. But first a few generalcomments.Here’s what Iwrote: It does make for interesting reading and I think there’s a few factorsthat mean iPad will improve the changes of indie games and majorpublishers alike. iPad enables the game authors to have 2 targetplatforms now, which must broaden their reach and increase sales,maybe not now but in the longer term this should improve as bothplatforms increase in volume. I really hope for game developers sake that the prices don’t drop toofar as people race to the bottom and try to compete on price as it’s aone-way trip and dangerous long-term game. Sadly, since the barrier todevelopment is so low we’re competing against cheap bedroom developersacross the globe so this is always going to be a problem. Market saturation is also a problem on iPhone, every new game/app is adrop in a massive ocean and it’s very difficult to gain awareness toget you promoted to peoples app store lists. It takes a concertedeffort to make it out of the pool and I know that there’s a lot ofgreat games that just get missed. After all, there’s a finite numberof people buying games and a seemingly infinite choice of games. So, I think iPad is a great opportunity for devs to make a bit moremargin but it’s not going to last long. As always, the gold rush willsoon run out of gold. Devs need to think of new ways to make money, 59p isn’t too far off‘free’ so it needs some thinking on how you’re going to make the leap.Godfinger is a good example (which is pretty much Mafia Wars bizmodel). I think we can draw parallels with the GB->GBA->DS->DSi->3DSprogression too, although the barrier to development is significantlyhigher than on iPhone. All in all, new platforms increase our audience, which should increasesales & revenue for little increase in dev costs.What do you think?