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Book Review - Linchpin, Seth Godin

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I recently finished Seth Godin’s recent book entitled “Linchpin: Are YouIndispensable? How to Drive Your Career and Create a Remarkable Future”“Why are some people easily outsourced, downsized, or freelanced intoobscurity, while others have their pick of opportunities? In his mostpowerful book yet, Seth Godin argues that it’s more essential than everto become indispensable - to become a linchpin. Linchpins are theessential building blocks of greatorganizations: they invent, lead(regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and createorder out of chaos. They love their work and pour their best selves intoit and turn each day into a kind of art - and, in today’s world, theyget the best jobs and the most freedom. Godin shows that the key tobeing indispensable is overcoming the fears that hold most of us back.If you have you ever found a shortcut that others missed, seen a new wayto resolve a conflict, or made a connection with someone others couldn’treach, then you have what it takes to become indispensable. It’s time tostop complying with the system and draw your own map.”Here’s what I thought…

5 of my favourite Game Development Twitter Feeds list

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![Twitter](/assets/t_logo-a.png)Here at @GameFreelancing, we use Twitter to connect with the gamefreelancing community and really get to grips with what's going off fromall aspects and distil it down into items our readers will find useful.We select the cream of gaming, developers, business and freelancingtweets and send them straight to you. [Follow us to keepup]('ve listed here the ones we've found the most interesting this weekand definitely worth following. Don't forget to mention @GameFreelancing!**1. @milkstone** - A great Spanish Independent Game Development studiothat's launched it's new iPhone title this week and also produces somegreat tweets about being an independent developer. One to watch.[Follow @milkstone](<>**2. @ericries** - Eric is the originator of the phrase "Minimum ViableProduct" and he also talks about starting a business in a 'lean' way,which always makes for an interesting read and something I'll becovering more about here on @GameFreelancing .[Follow @ericries](<>**3. @ThisIsSethsBlog** - the blog of popular author Seth Godin has hisfinger on the pulse of promotion and connecting with your audience thatsappropriate in many ways, such as how to talk to your game audience, howexpectations change, how marketing has changed. It's often a thoughtprovoking and inspiring read.[Follow @ThisIsSethsBlog](<>**4. @Michael_French** - Michael is on the bleeding edge of video gameindustry news as his position as the Editor-in-Chief of Video gameindustry news web-sites [Develop](,[MCV]( and[]( means he often gives clues as to some breaking news well before it hits the press.Follow @Michael_French**5. @allvideogames** - Lester writes about gaming from an interestingperspective and often uncovers things that go missing from the morepopular news feeds. As such, it's worth a follow.[@allvideogames]( hope you find these useful and remember to connect with@GameFreelancing and [subscribe to keep intouch]( twitter feeds do you think I should follow?

7 of my favourite Games Industry RSS Feeds

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I spend a lot of my time keeping in touch with what’s going off in theGames Industry and I thought it worthwhile sharing 7 of my favouriteGames Industry RSS Feeds to keep you all up-to-date.I personally subscribe to these via GoogleReader, which I find to be an excellent way to keep everything in 1 place and really get the most out of my valuable time. I’d recommend taking this habit up if you haven’talready. DevelopOnline -This is a little bit of a cheat as Develop splits it’s feeds into 3topics: regular, Blog and Feature so you can choose which is best for you. I tend to go for all 3 as it’s always a fantastic read and much of the content appears way ahead of it’s paper variant through the post. I like seeing people I know with their names up there and also spotting pictures of them too. GamesIndustry.Biz - Thisused to be my most visited UK-centric industry feed and itproudly sat at the top of my Google Reader list. It got bumped downmy list because you now have to register to read full articles,which you don’t have to on other sites. It’s still great, just notas convenient as it used to be. Gamasutra -This was the game industry web-site a few years agoas it was pretty much the only one. In addition to it’s US basednews feed, it’s packed full of useful articles, interviews andreviews of all things to do with game development. The iPhoneBlog - in their own words“The #1 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch blog!”. Strong words but thisis a useful little site that also sucks in other smartphone infotoo. I believe it’s important to always keep your eye on theperiphery to make sure you don’t miss out onsomething. EscapistMagazine - pretty muchthe only popular games feed I read as it tends to have the mostinteresting articles, interviews and genuine reviews. I alsoregularly visit many of it’s sister sites. PlayStation.Blog(Europe) -A blog dedicated to all things specific to PlayStation in Europe,including specials, interviews, previews and sometimes limited Betacodes. Again, used to work for Sony Europe so I like to see theproducts coming through and the people I know doingwell. XBoxEngineering -This feed a little ‘tech thirst’ for me and it’s a great insightinto some of the tech that MS publish to show ‘under the hood’ oftheir SDKs.What about you? Do you have sites that you visit regularly? Have Imissed a ‘must see’ site?Let me know in the comments sections.

Recommended Read - Small is the New Big - Seth Godin

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For me, even though this book is a few years old the title of Seth'sbook "[Small is the NewBig](" sums up the changes that are happening throughout the Games Industry and the global economy where new, small companies are stealing the march on the bigger slumbering giants and making a real difference.This book is a collection of the best of Seth's blog posts that reallycapture the essence of what was going off in the world where people werepeople have more choice and ways to spend their time & money.The series of short stories make this easily digestible and great forfilling the odd moment or too.I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the myriad of short stories in thisbook and I have learned a lot from it. It has changed my perspective ona lot of aspects of business and truly opened my eyes to how thingsshould be in the 21st century.A highly recommended read.I'd suggest you also take a look at Seth's other work including his blogand other books.Visit Amazon via the link below to check out more details includingsynopsis, ratings and other reviews.

Linchpin Manifesto

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### **Yes. Now.**I am an artist. • I take initiative • I do the work, not the job. •Without critics, there is no art. • **I am a Linchpin. I am not easily replaced****.** • If it’s never been done before, even better. • The work is personal, too important to phonein. • The lizard brain is powerless in the face of art. • I make it happen. Every day. • **Every interaction is an opportunity to make aconnection****.** • The past is gone. It has no power. The future depends on choices I make now.• I own the means of production—the system isn’t as important as mycontribution to it. • I see the essential truth unclouded by worldview,and that truth drives my decisions. • I lean into the work, not awayfrom it. **Trivial work doesn’t requireleaning.** • Busywork is too easy. Rule-breaking works better andis worth the effort. • Energy is contagious. The more I put in, the morethe world gives back. • It doesn’t matter if I’m always right. Itmatters that *I’m always moving*. • I raise the bar. I know yesterday’s innovation is today’s standard. • I will not be brainwashed into believing in the status quo. • **Artists don’t care about credit. We care about change.** • There is no resistance if I don’t allow it to defeat me. • I embrace a lack of structure to find a new path. • I amsurprising. (And often surprised). • I donate energy and risk to thecause. • I turn charisma into leadership. • The work matters. • **Go. Make something happen.****Source:** <>**Book:** [Linchpin: Are YouIndespensible?](

Weekend Reading - 12/Jun/2010

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As the editor of @GameLinchpin I love to hear from you and share thebrilliant things I find from other game development linchpins Idiscover.I’ve recently updated the site book shelf with books Irecently discovered from an amazing computer graphic artist Simeon usedto work with, Antony Ward.His work appears has appeared in many games over the years and alwayslooks amazing. His books are in the Authors IKnow section and well worth a read if you’re into discovering how to start and improve your high-end character art. I’m not an artist myself but I think that Antony’s work clearly shows that he really knows what he’s doing and produces some amazing art.You can view more of Antony’s computer graphic work via his online blog& portfolio contact him via twitter @ant_ward or his tips section @3dtwipsI also look forward to learning from you too via comments,feedback and having your articles appearhere.