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3D Printer Setup

Klipper Config

Klipper config for Creality Ender 3 V2

View my associated config on github

Tweaked to suit printer & my needs.

Shopping List

Main parts

Rasberry Pi - for Klipper

Bonus: Camera for remote monitoring via Mainsail





  • Used ADXL345 to discover resonance/ringing/ghosting. Followed this guide. This mount for the X & Y, these ADXL345 (https://amzn.to/34x5iP3)


  • Published current SKR2 & electronics front bay at Thingverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5233293
  • Replaced short stepper cables with much longer 1.5m, a bit excessive but lots of room. (https://amzn.to/3HQJFY3)


  • Dual Z screw split into 2 cables - “z” for left/stock & “z1” for right screw. Attached to E1 port on SKR
  • Config for dual z Z_TILT, run_currents, etc.

2022-01-30 All working config for

  • Creality Ender 3 V2
  • BigTreeTech SKR 2 - klipper
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (with colour coded header) with GPIO & +5v from SKR
  • Mainsail
  • CR Touch
  • Hemera Direct Drive Extruder
  • Dual Z screw after installing heavyweight Hemera - cable splitter and ONE connection to board. To be split later.


  • WIP - migrating to BTT SKR2 & Mainsail (from stock & octopi ./octopi)


  • Dual Z screw kit via Amazon. Tricky to install and requires some Z-axis stepper cable routing around the back of the PSU as the existing cables are ultimately very short and don’t reach. Provided Z-Split cable goes down back of PSU, then joins up to existing cable near mother board.


  • Hemera Direct Drive upgrade
  • Noctua 4010+Buck on Hemera after I caught the stock Hemera fan and snapped a blade :’(
  • Swapped to Hemera metal backplate from Amazon as the printed one had flex despite ribs & 85% fill. The metal backplate isn’t great but it’s rigid.
  • Provided Hemera thermistor and heat cables are too short when the extruder is at X=max, Y=min, Z=max for a reasonable run into the controller board so had to hack the covers and ultimately bring those cables around the side. Still short but it just works.

Hemera: Printed backplate, fan duct, and attachments


  • Replaced all fans with Noctua variants and buck converters to reduce noise. CPU cover, PSU cover, “Briss moto” cooling w/ 2x Noctua 4010 and riser feet

Hemera install

“Dry fit” all components & parts for complete Hemera install before I did it. You will need a wide selection of M3 bolts, nuts & washers from 5mm up to 22mm Be prepared for electronics, wiring, soldering, etc. Most online guides/videos are made by people with multiple printers so they can print parts if required during the build. If, like most people, you have 1 printer then test everything before you touch your working printer. I printed various backplates, ducts, connectors, adapters, and test-fitted them all to the Hemera before I actually dismantled the printer and rebuilt it.

Things of note

  • X-end stop hitting various backplates during Hemera required mods to those
  • Most backplates are built for BL Touch

Hemera retraction

Retraction 0.3mm at 45mm retract, 25mm detract. BEWARE that if your detract speed is too high, you get gaps on the model exactly where the “detraction”s are shown in Prusaslicer.


w/ 5 x tmc2209

Board does not fit inside 1 side of the under-carriage so dedicated left & right carriages are required to host it. The USB-A cable protrudes a long way, so take that into account. A rPI connected via GPIO will save a lot of space and negate the need for the USB.

For klipper, go through the checks carefully. https://www.klipper3d.org/Config_checks.html

Especially, STEPPER_BUZZ command will save a lot of grinding and things going in the wrong direction. e.g., STEPPER_BUZZ STEPPER=stepper_x

For me, the [tmc2209 stepper_???] sections were important as without them the steppers ran the wrong distances.

Stepper End stops

SKR has 3-pin stops whereas the Stock has 2-pin stops. Inside the 3-pin male, push the 2-pin female in at the end away from the steppers. I used side-cutters to strip the tiny outer alignment shims to get a good fit without spraining the board.

CR Touch

CR Touch wiring, VERY different from BL Touch. Be careful!! Pretty much reversed!! I fried a CR touch with the wrong wiring!!!

Split the 5-wire female JST into a 3 & 2. I carefully retracted the pins from the 5-block and pushed them into 2 new blocks as below

CR touch - reference



Reminder graphic here: https://imgur.com/a/39DU1cv

Creality board 5-pin JST block

COLOUR stock board label PIN SKR
Black V +5V +5V
Yellow IN PB0 SIG PE5

SKR JST blocks

3-pin sensor ~ 2-pin probe |3A |3B |3C |~ |2A |2B | — | — | —| —| —| —| |wht |blk |yel |~ |red |blu | |GND |+5V |PE5 |~ |GND |PE4 |


When installing, needs the X stepper direction inverting from stock config by putting a ! at the start of the Klipper config.

dir_pin: !PE1 ; this is inverted with the "!" from the stock board

Make sure the config has the appropriate tmc2209 blocks or the distance will be wrong e.g., [tmc2209 stepper_x]

Raspberry PI

ref: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/n73s1j/pi_zero_w_klipper_fluidd_mainsail_guide_skr_mini/

YMMW: Don’t use this literally but as a general guide, config changes are required.

Connect RPI via GPIO to remove the need for a massive USB-A cable

rPI SKR TFT SKR note My color
GP6 GND Pin 2 from left (steppers at top) black
GP10 PA9 Pin 3 from left (middle) gray
GP8 PA10 Pin 4 from left white


On SKR-2 PA9 is TX and PA10 is RX. So pin 10 (RXD0) of RPi would go to the middle pin (PA9) of TFT connector on SKR-2 and pin 8 (TXD0)of RPI would go to the 4th pin from left (PA10) on tft connector. And then or course, pick any ground pin on rpi and connect to second pin over from left (GND) on SKR-2.

For my setup, RPI Zero 2, only connected over /dev/serial0 as the documented /dev/ttyAMA0 did not work at all for me.

I used minicom -h -D /dev/serial0 on the rpi to verify data was being received from the SKR, assuming it was periodic temperature information.


  • Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration - https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html

Great reference for initial setup

  • AndrewEllis93/Print-Tuning-Guide - https://github.com/AndrewEllis93/Print-Tuning-Guide

Detailed setup for pressure advance and klipper specific elements.

  • Older setup guide, still relevant - https://old.reddit.com/r/ender3/comments/ec2i9j/how_to_calibrate_your_printers_esteps_and/


Started using Cura, moved to Prusaslicer v2.4+ for finer control. Fusion 360 for STL mods

  • Prusaslicer bug where “Gap Speed”>0 breaks all Auto Volume speeds. Appears when you try and use Volumetric Speed and no changes occur. https://github.com/prusa3d/PrusaSlicer/issues/6844


Octopi original config in sub-dir ./octopi

  • Raspberry Pi 3B - Klipper & mainsail. Moved to RPI Zero 2 to save a lot of space!