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eCommerce Site - ApprovedFood.co.uk

Today saw the first public showing of the eCommerce site refresh for www.approvedfood.co.uk, which we’re amazingly proud of.

This is an ongoing extensive web development project and encompasses replacing the existing eCommerce site, refreshing the design, revitalising the customer experience, improving security, fixing bugs and much more. This is much more than a simple reskin and it will help the thousands of daily visitors find their way around the products much easier and Approved Food get more control, data and a rapid turn-around on changes and support.

One of the things we did is to incorporate greatly enhanced tracking via Google Analytics using Custom Vars, Custom Reports, Goals/Funnels and eCommerce tracking so Approved Food can find out, down to the product and user, what’s working and improve areas that need attention.

The site uses not only uses up-to-date visual elements to improve the experience but it also gracefully scales back to the rogue and basic browsers.

ApprovedFood.co.uk will continue to improve over the coming weeks along with the associated Mobile and Social Media streams like Twitter and Facebook as these now come under Ring Alpha’s remit to manage.

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