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Hi, my name is Simeon and I’ve been a professional software developer since 1986.

  • I am very passionate about building great software with good business value.
  • I have a strong work ethic and I will do whatever it takes to deliver great results.


2016- I’ve taken to maintaining my history exclusively on LinkedIn page.

Roles include: Solutions Architect, Technical Director, Executive Producer, Project Manager and Software Developer to name but a few.

About the Site

I initially registered the domain pashley.org back in 2002 to enable me to setup a friendly email domain for my family and also provide a nice domain for my personal web precense.

Calling this site a “blog” is probably generous as it’s more like a random collection of my thoughts that I want to keep online and share, sometimes connected, often rare. I go through fits & starts of writing so you’ll probably see huge gaps in time.

I’ve had various random sites since the mid-1990s on tripod.com, blogspot.com (before it became blogger) and a myriad of others. I’m currently going right back to basics using Jekyll hosted on Github Pages.


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If you’ve found any of them useful and want to thank me, here’s a few ways you can.

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